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Go beyond traditional marketing with tactics that connect real people to the products and services they’re passionate about. Anthem marries its extensive background in events with razor-sharp business acumen to deliver programs that reach consumers where it counts.

Anthem’s expertise allows our highly acclaimed event team to yield a collaborative approach to each client’s specific event needs, whether it is fully integrated entertainment or a simple elegant milestone celebration.

With over two decades of experience creating in-house Anthem concepts, as well as both public facing and client driven productions, Anthem is able to curate custom activations or events at any location within any budget.

From food festivals to tradeshows to concerts to fundraising concepts, Anthem has created a host of different events from scratch. Alternatively, Anthem has also worked with its corporate clients to elevate their annual meetings, corporate functions and other company events to be more engaging and memorable.

Prior to organizing any event, no matter the scale, Anthem takes the time to establish the attainability of an event, program or installation from a 360-degree holistic approach which includes evaluating:

  • Operational feasibility
  • Logistical practicality
  • Financial viability

Anthem is also committed to conducting thorough market research and competitive analysis, as well as revenue projections and cost evaluation for public events.

With nearly two decades of experience in the entertainment, events, marketing, hospitality and placemaking industries, The Anthem Group has developed a series of best practices for its programming and event curation and planning process:

  1. Ideation
    Crafting a creative strategy and curating the aesthetic and programmatic concepts, events and programs
  2. Diligence and Feasibility Study
    Establishing the attainability and practicality of an event, program or installation
  3. Strategic Plan
    Enacting a strategy for implementation
  4. Financial Viability
    Determining associated costs and potential revenue streams
  5. Media
    Creating a pre and post action media plan (e.g., pre-event promotion and post-event recaps)
  6. Execution
    Deploying the strategy and tactics to bring the concept to life
  7. After Action Recap
    Conducting an analysis of event successes and shortcomings and outlining what can be enhanced in the future

Anthem provides end-to-end logistics in line with clients’ requirements and objectives. Operations that other companies typically outsource are handled in-house, improving coordination and lowering costs. Areas of expertise include trucking, staging, rigging, lighting, A/V, deliveries, and any other tactical details that ensure an event runs smoothly.