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At Anthem, producing an event means translating strategic and creative goals into an incredible experience. With distinct objectives, meticulous planning, and an experienced, passionate team of people, we’ll deliver lasting memories and long-term results.

Anthem assists clients in creating unique, multi-sensory environments to maximize attendees’ engagement and enjoyment. Anthem specializes in conceptualizing every aspect of an event (e.g., lighting, catering, décor, security, personnel, vendor relations, timelines, floor plans, etc.).

The Anthem team is composed of seasoned veterans that enjoy collaborating with other agencies, in-house partners and external teams. In these scenarios, Anthem lends its experience with complex event production to manage as wide or as narrow of a scope as needed.

Anthem prides itself on being able to customize any of its services to fit an individual client’s needs. Anthem’s live entertainment services are no different. Clients choose in between working with an existing project or building a concept from the ground up. Of course, every client has its own unique objectives. Whether that goal is to secure an act that can generate a higher volume of revenue or to create an experience that resonates with a specific target audience or community – or both. Anthem has the ability to tailor its services to procure the right entertainment for each client’s objectives. Additionally, Anthem will not only secure the talent, but provide strategic and creative direction, spearhead pre-event logistics, as well as fulfill all on-site and post-event execution needs.

Anthem has produced live entertainment including:

  • Concerts
  • Theatrical Performances
  • Comedy Showcases
  • Public Programming
  • Dance Demonstrations
  • Fashion Shows

Specializing in venue management, as well as private and public events of all sizes, Anthem boasts an array of experience with its in-house catering company and concessions division. Anthem Hospitality is built on providing food and beverage experiences in unique, non-traditional and atypical settings.

Anthem Hospitality prides itself on the ability to provide full-service catering for both large-scale and intimate events. Boasting extensive and diverse options, including full bar catering, each of Anthem’s selections are handpicked to complement any event or meeting. Our culinary team sources only the freshest ingredients available to customize a menu fit for both guest experience and budget. From planning to food preparation to providing unmatched service, every occasion requires the attention to detail that we deliver on.

Anthem’s on and off premise catering services include:

  • Corporate catering
  • Cocktail reception
  • Bento catering
  • Sit down catering
  • Fast casual catering
  • Social event catering

Providing comprehensive security for any event is a necessity. Anthem is equipped with the knowledge to ensure the safety of all attendees and personnel. Anthem has significant practice working with both public and private agencies and firms. Additionally, Anthem works extensively with specific security details for high-profile individuals including elected officials, major corporate executives and foreign dignitaries.

With a robust history of working in the large-scale entertainment, concert and festival worlds, Anthem has a deep understanding of public safety and crowd control for sizable audiences.

No matter the scale, Anthem can develop security plans, protocols and procedures that support both public and private events that work in tandem with law enforcement and other security personnel in an optimal manner.