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The Goldenberg Group

See how Anthem’s aesthetic and programmatic placemaking experience aided The Goldenberg Group in its mission to attract & retain residents.

Revitalizing Philly for young adults

The Goldenberg Group, a renowned real estate development firm, retained Anthem to ideate, design and implement new residential, retail and strategic initiatives within multiple properties in Philadelphia.

With the desire to embellish an already unique environment in a newly constructed mixed-use residential property, The Goldenberg Group aimed to entice new and retain existing residents by adding more all-inclusive value.

In conjunction with property management and the development firm, Anthem was enlisted to curate and execute aesthetic and programmatic placemaking initiatives to support The Goldenberg Group’s overall vision. Anthem composed a specialized calendar of public events and programming focused on arts and entertainment that was designed to captivate and attract the neighborhoods’ predominantly college-age demographic. Activities included a weekly wellness series, an interactive celebrity chef demonstration, a Phillies opening day kick-off event, and a host of targeted programs that deliberately spanned multiple genres, interests and styles.

Additionally, The Anthem Group leveraged its experiences in tactical urbanism, creative placemaking and one-off special events to construct framework for assisting the evolution of an existing 1.2 million square foot retail center to a contemporary mixed-used complex.

The successful execution of Anthem’s programs and events achieved the project objectives, including interaction and curation of new residents as well as meaningful linkage to the surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, Anthem was able to provide the foundation and strategic plan for the longer-term revitalization of The Goldenberg Group’s nearby retail center.

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The expertise and diverse knowledge base that Anthem offers to its clients has kept me coming back time and time again.

Ellen Rosenberg, Vice President

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