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Seaport: Epicenter Experience

Learn more about how Anthem worked in collaboration with Epicenter Experience to awaken Boston’s Seaport District through strategic, creative & tactical placemaking.

Highlighting Boston's seaport

Boston’s newly redeveloped Seaport neighborhood has become the popular, bustling home to a community of young professionals, artists, entrepreneurs and innovators. During the critical development phase, The Anthem Group collaborated on the Epicenter Experience to co-produce an immersive, mobile pop-up experience made to pair with the district’s bustling atmosphere, which invited creative minds to unite and fuel thoughtful conversations in Boston’s newest district.

With the primary goal to illustrate what the future of the neighborhood would be, Anthem and Epicenter Experience, as a joint venture, curated a variety of free public events, programs and aesthetic lighting installations to showcase the area to prospective retail, commercial and residential clients. Events were designed to display the best and brightest in Boston across the technology, entrepreneurship, design and cultural industries. The mix of interactive and spectator-style events featured a multiplicity of talented speakers from A-list Hollywood actors to celebrity chefs, to notable business CEO’s and founders.

The project was a successful integration of strategic, creative and tactical placemaking concepts. Over the duration, consumer and commercial awareness grew, which helped to stimulate growth, innovation and culture within Boston’s newly developed Seaport District.

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