Harvest on the Harbor

Harvest on the Harbor is Northern New England’s premier food and wine festival. The festival features award-winning chefs, epicurean presentations and live entertainment, attracting over five thousand local, regional and international attendees annually. In 2015, The Greater Portland Convention + Visitors Bureau procured Anthem as the lead festival coordinator for its seventh annual Harvest on the Harbor. Anthem was responsible for managing all festival logistics including content creation, programming concepts, venue procurement, presenters’ speech composition, equipment operations, talent procurement, décor and creative, as well as on-site personnel and coordination of various stakeholders, dignitaries and partners.

With the aim to drive tourism to Portland during the off-season while generating more revenue to support The Greater Portland Convention + Visitors Bureau, Anthem expanded the festival from three days to a full week—with multiple overlapping events per day. Anthem Production and Anthem Entertainment’s expertise in content creation, event coordination and event management orchestrated the entire process from conceptualization to execution.

Anthem doubled the number of events, adding new productions and improving on existing favorites – featuring Maine’s most celebrated chefs as well as showcasing hundreds of vendors. Complex programs consisting of seminars, live music, interactive elements and multiple gourmet courses complemented more intimate events, ensuring there was something for every taste and interest. Through meticulous planning and careful coordination with vendors, chefs, venues across the region, the City of Portland, a catering team and its client, Anthem flawlessly executed each facet of the festival.