Anthem prides itself on its status as a world-renowned event and placemaking organization, with a strong focus on repurposing and adding vibrancy to underutilized areas and structures. By vitalizing unique spaces that promote a range of objectives, such as, health, happiness, innovation, monetization and community engagement, Anthem curates an atmosphere that is culturally significant and maximizes the shared value within the public realm and in private development.

Through new concept and venue ideation, Anthem utilizes its cross-discipline knowledge to establish landmark ventures while introducing locally inspired placemaking initiatives. To conceptualize and execute a variety of placemaking initiatives, The Anthem Group works with:

  • Municipalities
  • Private developers
  • Chambers
  • Tourism bureaus
  • Friends Groups
  • Business Improvement Districts
  • Public-private partnerships

Anthem offers both aesthetic and programmatic placemaking to support project stakeholders in the public, private and non-profit sectors. With over a decade of experience in the live entertainment, event production, brand building and hospitality industries, Anthem’s unique qualifications allow for the collaborative process to define each place as its own.

Anthem’s Placemaking Services Include