Venue Activation

Reimagine an existing venue or create one from scratch with Anthem’s venue activation services. By branding a place  – a park, skating rink, outdoor shopping mall, food truck, pop-up bar, or more – clients maximize brand exposure and consumer engagement. These seasonal opportunities allow businesses to literally build relationships from the ground up, creating unforgettable experiences that competitors can rarely match.

Corporate and Gala PlanningVenue activation is not exclusive to branding initiatives. Anthem also offers public sector entities and private property owners the opportunity to transform their assets for entertainment value, community engagement, or other objectives. Whether a client hopes to give new life to an old venue or build something new and unique, Anthem can help.

No matter the client, Anthem’s massive public and civic event experience enables businesses to dream big – any size project in any location is possible. From strategy and site selection to politics and permits, Anthem helps turn ordinary places into extraordinary business assets.

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