Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing encompasses any and all engagements between a brand and a consumer. With Anthem, those engagements meet business goals like increased awareness and improved brand sentiment, as well as delight, educate, and entertain your target market.

Campaign Management Campaign Management

Anthem offers campaign management services that are designed specifically to meet your business goals. Objectives like generating trials, increasing awareness, building a brand, and more are not only met, but exceeded, resulting in happy customers, prospects, and stakeholders.

Anthem’s end-to-end campaign services include:

  • Operational and logistical coordination, including warehousing supplies and equipment, shipping, scheduling, and real-time inventory management
  • Personnel management, including hiring, administration, legal, accounting, and reconciliation support
  • Customized reporting during and after your campaign with an emphasis on transparency, accountability, and ROI

Program Architecture Program Architecture

Program architecture defines the crucial questions for any marketing, event, or strategic program: who, what, where, how, and most importantly, why the program is being run. No matter what the program – marketing campaigns, promotional events, product launches, and everything in between – Anthem’s extensive experience ensures that these questions are not only asked, but answered and organized in a meaningful, actionable way.

Anthem helps clients build programs based on business objectives, due diligence, consumer needs, and external circumstances such as media campaigns or competitive pressure. Program architecture begins with market research and planning, followed by initial concept design. Once the strategy is established, next steps include feasibility studies, benchmarking, and tactical creative development.

Personnel SolutionsPersonnel Solutions

Anthem supplies superior talent across industries and events. Anthem personnel include experienced brand ambassadors, mystery shoppers, market managers, and focus group leaders, as well as creative speakers, hosts, and musicians. Both full and part-time campaign and tour management is also available. Regardless of role, all Anthem talent is professional, dependable, and in tune with clients’ goals and expectations.

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