Experiential Marketing

Anthem’s marketing services provide diverse, imaginative and unparalleled experiences for clients, brands and patrons alike. Anthem marries its extensive background in events with keen business acumen to deliver impactful marketing programs connecting brands and consumers through powerful and meaningful experiences. Anthem has over a decade of proficiency and an international scope in providing strategic and logistical solutions inclusive of:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Activation Sourcing and Execution
  • Consumer Engagement and Data Tracking
  • Organizational Structure
  • Personnel Solutions
  • Placemaking

Experiential marketing encompasses any and all real-world interaction between a brand and a consumer. With Anthem, those engagements meet strategic objectives such as authentic brand interaction, increased awareness and improved brand sentiment.

 Anthem builds clients’ consumer base by generating customized progressive marketing strategies, direct field marketing and sales support. Using highly targeted tactics around promotions, merchandising, auditing, sampling and demonstrations, events and mystery shopping, Anthem develops each brand through strategic and tactical implementation to deliver a clear return on investment and experiential integration into overall brand strategy.

Campaign Management Campaign Management

Anthem offers fully customized, turn-key campaign management solutions designed to effectively connect products to the marketplace, while more specifically, expressing the story of each brand. Anthem is directly involved from inception to launch to result analysis, keeping a strong focus on creative and informative content that educates the target audience on the product or service being presented.

Objectives such as increasing interactive engagement, growing awareness, accruing sales, introducing a new product, and/or establishing a brand image are not only met, but seamlessly executed to the target audience.

Anthem’s end-to-end campaign services include:

  • Operational and logistical coordination, including warehousing supplies and equipment, shipping, scheduling, and real-time inventory management
  • Personnel management, including hiring and training, administration, accounting, and reconciliation support
  • Customized reporting and client interaction throughout, and following the conclusion of a campaign with an emphasis on transparency, accountability, consumer education, and ROI

Program Architecture Program Architecture

Program architecture outlines the fundamental questions for any marketing, event or strategic program – who, what, where, when and why is the program required and the value to be achieved. Anthem establishes a strong understanding of the client’s brand and their target audience for each campaign and produces individualized marketing approaches based on company goals, consumer needs, and external sources such as competitive pressure. Program architecture begins with market research and planning, followed by initial concept ideation and design. Once the strategy is established, next steps include feasibility studies, benchmarking, and tactical creative development of experiential integration into overall brand program.

Personnel and Talent AcquisitionPersonnel Solutions

Anthem prides itself on supplying superior talent across all industries. With proper understanding of business strategy and importance of retaining a talented and engaged workforce, each member of Anthem’s field marketing team is thoughtfully screened and selected to successfully sync with targeted demographics to ensure a successful campaign based on credible consumer engagement and interaction. Anthem’s marketing personnel and talent solutions include:

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Market Managers
  • Focus Group Leaders/Facilitators
  • Creative Speakers
  • Hosts
  • Performers

Both full and part-time campaign and tour management is also available.

Merchandising and In-Store Brand Support

As an experienced agency, Anthem achieves its goal to help retailers and brands generate revenue, reduce costs and improve promotion and effective engagement with top quality professional efficiency. With expertise in retail merchandising, Anthem is proficient in establishing product displays designed to stimulate interest and entice new and returning customers. Anthem strives to develop a customized marketing approach that best fits the overarching objectives for the retailer or brand in forging customer loyalty, increasing sales, driving foot traffic or simply raising awareness. Anthem marketing also supports retail commerce clients in visual display merchandising by offering:

  • Product design, selection and packaging
  • Production of physical product displays to attract a higher volume of customer sales
  • Management/confirmation of product placement and positioning
  • Product merchandising, audit, re-stocking and POS refresh
  • Determination of optimal timing for product presentations/demos

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