Event Production

At Anthem, producing an event means translating strategic and creative goals into an incredible experience. Big or small, corporate or consumer, black tie or business casual, an Anthem event delivers lasting memories and long-term results.

Exceptional events are more than just a few hours of fun – they are the culmination of distinct objectives, meticulous planning, and an experienced, passionate team of people.

As a full-service event agency, Anthem partners with clients to bring ideas to life and manages every step of the way – from ideation to execution.

Fireworks 2013Public Events

Public events unite and inspire attendees, building both strong communities and time-honored traditions. Anthem understands this significance and produces public events that showcase the host location while providing entertainment, excitement and awe. Going beyond stadium-scale, Anthem public events combine creative, operational and strategic strengths to activate the entire city into a venue that will deeply resonate and leave a lasting impression with all attendees.

Anthem is a global leader in public event production. Previous events from across the United States at the city, state and federal level include:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Fireworks
  • City-wide Celebrations
  • Sporting Events
  • Culinary Showcases
  • Conventions
  • Charity/Fundraising Events

Tradeshow ProductionTradeshows

Anthem’s involvement in the tradeshow industry is twofold. Anthem plans, produces and manages tradeshows across a collection of industries, including food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, professional services, luxury goods and apparel, hospitality and entertainment.

Additionally, Anthem optimizes individual clients’ participation in any tradeshow whether they are a vendor or sponsor.  Anthem excels in all-inclusive tradeshow production:

  • Booth Design
  • Concept Development
  • Strategy Creation
  • Activation
  • Personnel Management

Anthem utilizes targeted marketing practices and operational expertise to provide clients with meaningful opportunities to engage their desired target audience.

Corporate Events

Anthem-produced corporate events promise more than just a standard hotel meeting. Drawing on extensive experience with planning, logistics and entertainment, Anthem generates smoothly-executed corporate functions that engage and entertain participants from a.m. coffee to lights out.

Each of Anthem’s corporate events can be designed to fit a client’s vision and complement any type of function, including:

  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Luncheons
  • Client Engagement
  • Business and Sales Dinners
  • Meeting Planning
  • Team Building Events
  • Destination Management
  • Networking Events

Indoor and Outdoor Concert Production


Over the last ten years, Anthem has hosted a collection of shows, showcasing nearly 10,000 artists spanning most genres. Drawing on its arsenal of musical talent and industry resources, Anthem also routinely produces concerts to kick off or wrap up large-scale events. Featuring both emerging and Billboard charting talent, Anthem has held events across North America, Europe and South Africa in clubs, music halls

 Media and Brand Launch PartiesLaunch and Media Events

Media events like movie premieres, product launch parties and retail and venue openings showcase Anthem’s myriad of strengths: event creation expertise, goal-oriented marketing focus and world-class, large-scale production experience. This combination ensures that clients receive unmatched services, ideal attendance and attention-grabbing results – the ultimate media-focused event.


Gala Event SpecialistsNon-Profit Functions and Gala Coordination

Anthem proudly offers a comprehensive suite of services designed specifically for non-profit organizations, including planning, design, publicity, merchandising and fundraising strategy. By applying the experience and tools of corporate marketing to charitable organizations, Anthem ensures that clients maximize their potential, meet their goals and establish long-lasting, meaningful relationships with patrons and stakeholders.

Gala coordination is one of Anthem’s strongest offerings for non-profits. Anthem employs its plethora of resources and experience to not only manage all aspects of a marquee gala, but to also create a dynamic platform to increase the host organization’s profile, donor base, media presence and supporter, employee or client engagement.  The result: a signature event that makes the difference between thriving and status-quo.

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