Why It’s Important For Employees To Build Their Own Brand

Recently, I was asked why/if employees using their own personal brand is important in an organization/corporate setting. I think this is a necessity in most organizations, especially ones like Anthem. As something so diverse and vast as Anthem is, we hire and retain several individuals who…


The Anchor: Revitalizing Outdoor Spaces For Safe Events

The Anchor and The Anthem Group continue to set the standard nationally for placemaking across the United States. Recently featured in Live Events Coalition’s blog and newsletter for its fall and Halloween activation and community focused events. Check out the blog article here!

Reload & Reinvent

In sports, there is saying about the truly great organizations…the Titans of their respective league: good teams do not rebuild, they reload. The same is true off the playing field. Great business organizations also do not just rebuild, they reload and reinvent. They evolve when situations are…