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Million Dollar Budget With 10 Million Dollar Results


Sometimes, we see flashy new events, festivals or similar endeavors and think about how talented the developers, organizers or planners must be. However, like most things in life, the truth is not surface level. It is relatively easy to create an idea worth $1 million dollars when you have $10 million dollars to invest in it. We often witness this phenomenon in our industries. Making something look seamless and fantastic is not difficult if you have the resources and do not properly value the return on investment (ROI). However, true accomplishment lies in creating a $10 million dollar idea with a $1 million (or less!) budget. That is when the true talent of the organizer shines through.

Anthem has consistently produced $10 million-dollar ideas with $1 million-dollar budgets. Recently, we can point to The Anchor, Frozen Fire Festival, and countless other concepts that were born. In the early days, we executed with limited resources, and in recent years, we have succeeded with properly managed resources. Although we still bring exceptionally large ideas to life that push our resource limits and we punch well above our weight. I couldn’t be prouder of my team when we routinely outperform multi-billion-dollar entertainment and event companies. Passion and execution cannot be easily replicated, and it shows in our work.

If you are starting out, part of a smaller organization, or a one-person show, you can compete and succeed against bigger players. Don’t be discouraged by the flashy or overly impressed with the finished product until you look a bit deeper. Throwing people, money and time at projects to achieve a good or average outcome can be a hallmark of large and lazy corporate institutions, true across a multitude of industries. Just remember that you can achieve the same outcome even if you are working with less. Focus on truly harnessing your talent and the talents of those around you. Go on, be a disruptor. Be creative, entrepreneurial, resourceful and let your talent carry you to success, no matter the challenge.

By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group