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Don’t Write It Down, Just Do It

Without realizing it, my own instinctive inclination to “act” was actually an invaluable tool and lesson to be imparted upon others. It is well known that teaching and mentoring my team is among my life’s greatest passions. I sincerely believe that I learn from and benefit from them on a daily basis as well. That is how the Anthem company culture and values are so strong, and how we have long been regarded as family.

Procrastination is a topic that comes up when working with people of all ages and experiences. However, it is especially common among those that may feel excessively busy like students (e.g., working and studying simultaneously) and emerging leaders (e.g., those with obligations that are higher and manage their own teams).

While I thoroughly endorse note taking and heavily rely on written organization to shape my day: sometimes there is no reason to take a note. As the slogan says, just do it.

I find myself commenting to people to avoid “making a list about lists” and the same is true for “taking a note about taking a note”.  When the task is simple, just take action. If we’re talking about long-term visions, elaborate projects or routine-building steps – write away. It helps make those visions, goals and needs into reality.  However, if we are clogging up our thoughts and time with notes about tasks that can be done in five minutes – it is counterproductive. It may feel good that you wrote something down, but that list will grow and grow, and you will be delayed in doing routine tasks that never needed a delay. Don’t write it down, just do it. Save your thoughts and energy for the important tasks.

By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group