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The Wonderful World of Placemaking

Anthem has always been a vessel to do good while simultaneously doing well. One of the most powerful platforms to bring this vision to fruition is through Anthem Placemaking. While our team’s placemaking efforts date back nearly a decade, Anthem Placemaking truly came to life with conceptualization and creation of The Anchor. A once-vacant outdoor plaza inside of the historic Charlestown Navy Yard, is now a year-round community gathering space and performing arts venue that hosts over 500 free events and programs throughout the season.

By paying attention to the physical, cultural and social identity of a community, aesthetic and programmatic placemaking can bring underutilized spaces to life – a win-win for residents and visitors alike. By creating and reimagining spaces into vibrant community hubs, a neighborhood can find a renewed sense of pride and togetherness that is both desired and welcomed by stakeholders. By maximizing the use of open space, it transforms an urban area into a happy and healthy space for all who visit.

Whether Anthem is curating programmatic or aesthetic campaigns, it will bring a renewed sense of life, purpose and pride. By encouraging residents to improve their shared outdoor environments, new relationships blossom and vibrant spaces produce a revised sense of community and establishment of special places.

By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group