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Most Things in Moderation

We have all heard the phrase “all things in moderation”. However, it is hard and impractical to achieve greatness living solely by that mantra.

That is not to say that it is important to lose balance. The idea of being a “Renaissance person” is actually a great one. Humans can and should strive for excellence in many areas of their existence. Be an athlete and a scholar. Be a businessperson and an artist. Be a scientist and a comedian. Be whatever your passions are. But remember that dedication is necessary to achieve greatness and dedication will almost always entail the loss of moderation. Some people don’t understand the commitment, the hustle and the grind. Embrace the work and the journey.

This thought exercise is geared toward those that have dedicated hours upon hours, weeks upon weeks and years upon years to their craft. Whether it is growing their business, pursuing their education, researching to solve humanity’s challenges, striving for athletic excellence or breaking through in the arts – or any number of pursuits.

I do not advocate that anyone should be one dimensional or even two or ten dimensional. Anyone that knows me also understands that I believe in being forever curious, exploratory and constantly learning new interests. Yet, greatness takes focus, discipline and time. Find your greatness and don’t be bashful about your commitment. Don’t let others, who simply do not understand your drive, critique or even shame you.” Most things in moderation” is a better saying – but your dreams won’t be realized with moderate effort. Go fully after them and realize that sacrifice is necessary…and normal. Be the greatest version of you in whatever you choose and enjoy the long ride. 

By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group