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Effective Execution

After reading an excerpt from Brian Moran’s “Twelve Week Year” a NYT bestseller, he asks the reader what the number one factor holding people back from their full potential is? His answer is simple: execution.

Effective execution is one of the footprints of the world’s most successful people and companies. If you outperform your competition, you inherit success. Many people have great ideas, but the shortfall is consistent and effective execution.  

At Anthem, we touch base with each of our team members consistently. We ensure that if someone has an idea, that they also conceptualize the strategy and tactics to execute it with hard deadlines, small details, big details and everything in between. Often time priorities can conflict, and busy schedules can lead people to push important tasks too close to their deadline. In order to mitigate last minute action and decision making, which can hamper success, Anthem harbors each person’s strengths by providing a weekly time horizon that is long enough to get their tasks done, started and/or finished, including additional side tasks. The weekly deadline is not far enough away that someone will lose sight of the finish line. 

By using a week-by-week approach, Anthem team members are allowed to focus on a week at a time, more closely a day at a time and before they know it, an hour at a time, which is where execution truly occurs. Effective execution does not happen on a yearly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis, but ultimately moment by moment, which accumulates to those larger and longer-term successes.

By Amanda Danielle
The Anthem Group