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Surviving Professional Complacency

What does one do when you feel like you have reached a plateau? How do you stay on your feet when it feels like you have been standing forever? With such a competitive business environment, many companies are searching for employees who consistently add value to their organization daily. The reality of our imperfect world is that not every manager is the phenomenal career mentor and leader that most employees deserve and seek.

At Anthem, we have created a distinctive work culture that helps prevent these plateaus by keeping our team continuously learning and engaged in the different sections within Anthem. To support this, we encourage and foster individual growth both personally and professionally. By facilitating each person on the Anthem team to grow into their own niche, this enables not only the company itself, but all of our team to keep up with the fast paced and diverse industries that Anthem focuses on. By encouraging our team to become subject matter experts and to also explore areas of personal interest, it allows our personnel to grow as a whole and as individuals.

By recognizing that complacency exists, Anthem can adapt its culture to suite each person’s needs and continue to set new goals regularly. Setting clear goals and expectations is essential to our team members. Tremendous effort goes into ensuring that the entire organization stays on the same page and continues to produce the expected results. At Anthem, we are in constant and clear communication with each other, which is the best tool that we can utilize to solve any problems that we encounter. By building trust between all our people, we instill the responsibility of ownership, which empowers each member of our team with the right tools to avoid complacency and ensure a robust, fulfilling experience. 

By Amanda Danielle
The Anthem Group