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Fear of The Unknown, Do Successful People Ignore It?

By definition, fear of the unknown is a fear caused by a perceived lack of information. Many people cannot successfully pursue a goal if they are overcome by this fear or an inability to tolerate any amount of uncertainty. But if we constantly focus on the ‘what ifs’, will we ever be able to fully adapt and grow?

If you can shift your perspective, focus on the bigger picture and alternative ways to succeed, you will find yourself able to fall in love with the unknown. Successful entrepreneurs must take risks to grow their business, perfect their craft and maintain a day-to-day business. Yes, there are times that something will go wrong and you may not be prepared. You need to be able to follow and trust your gut instincts when they feel right, no matter how scary the idea can make you feel.

The best mindset for success is to be comfortable being uncomfortable and to learn to embrace ambiguity. Many people know that being uncomfortable is only a temporary feeling and it will subside once the issue causing it is resolved. By seeing this as a positive instead of a negative, successful people can quickly harness this and use it as a motivation to work better and be more efficient to accomplish their goals.

Working harder is not always the answer to reducing discomfort. The idea is to continue to create, ideate, to evolve: all of which lead to future unknowns. The key is to overcome the discomfort and also thrive in a state where you don’t need a crystal ball every day for answers. The pragmatic key is to work diligently to obtain information, reduce the unknowns and make informed decisions to shape a broader strategy.

Discomfort is a barrier. It is mental, emotional and physical. By doing, feeling and being caught in a new situation, you are learning, making mistakes and improving more and more. By seeking out new experiences to grow, you are flexing your business ‘muscles’ and will continue to find new opportunities the more you seek out these types of situations. Entrepreneurs must embrace the challenge, have no fear of failure and not be afraid of the unknown, while working to reduce the unknown.

By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group