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A Different Kind of Office Culture

Offices are typically seen as the hub of most businesses. However, more and more often we see that companies are beginning to shift away from the more common office style work environment. I myself, have purposely designed Anthem to operate without the need to rely on the daily office environment. Nearly every member of The Anthem team has the ability and blessing to work remotely, as we are primarily a project based company that is intended to allow our family of team members to determine when and where they work based on what best increases their productivity.

Anthem has been far more progressive than its counterparts for years. We do not track hours, and for senior members, we do not track sick time or vacation time. We always encourage everyone to mix in their personal days to their professional days. The nature of this flexible structure allows for employees to accomplish those important “life tasks” that they would otherwise have difficulty handling if they were overburdened with a rush-hour commute or other unnecessary office bureaucracy. Of course the benefits that result from this type of environment are only made possible by a clear communication system, incredible talent and a strong organization.

Everyone has their ideal situation in which they are the most productive – for some it’s early in the morning. For others it could be later at night. Then there are some people that prefer to work in complete silence, or some that focus better with background noise. Providing our team with the opportunity to match their environment to their working style increases not only efficiency, but the productivity of the company as a whole.

One of the key aspects that enables this structure to flourish is that Anthem only employs team members that are extremely passionate about what they do and about who Anthem is as an organization. This concept truly speaks to the essence of who we are – not just that we work remotely, but that having this flexibility is a byproduct of our talent and love for Anthem.


By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group