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No Need for a New Year’s Resolution

An entrepreneur doesn’t need to wait until January 1st to set goals.

Resolutions can be powerful motivators for others, but I do not believe in waiting until the changing of the calendar to take action. As someone with many simultaneous goals, I rarely have a New Year’s  resolution. It is true that I do feel the refreshment of a new year and a new beginning. However, I use this refresher as motivation to continue working on my goals and progress towards achieving them – not necessarily to start them.

I take immediate steps towards my resolutions and goals. The aim is to be consistent and constantly improving no matter what time of year, for both personal and business goals. You will never reach your highest level of success if you aren’t steadily progressing. Fitness is a great example, as I never set fitness goals for the year. The ultimate fitness goal is to keep training with consistency and intensity. It does not matter what your end goal may be: whether to establish a  pattern leading to weight loss, adding muscle or that marathon you’ve set out to run. Everyone’s individual goals differ but the universal truth is that motivation must be largely, i f not wholly, intrinsic.

I have set some clearly defined goals for 2016. I wish to expand on The Anthem Group’s public programming, most notably on the Esplanade throughout the spring and summer months. We have enjoyed and overwhelming response from hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals on our creativity and success. The goal is to continue to deliver what the public wants and needs. Of course, we did not wait until January 1 to begin that process! This vision has taken and will continue to take consistent and constant effort with my hard working team at my side.

I encourage you to set specific and measurable business goals today and stick with them; you don’t need the New Year as justification.  While it is always great, and sometimes necessary, to have that “fresh” start you can begin that new day any day of the year. Make your own anniversary date that is unique to you that marks a special journey that you set out on or better yet: accomplished.

Celebrate your accomplishments and cheers to continuing to progress in the New Year.

By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group