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The Basics Behind Creating Your Personal Online Brand

In today’s competitive marketplace, self-branding is a key element to help make yourself and your professional experience stand out from others. However, it is easy to take this too far. Self-branding should be the polish upon what is already existing and who you are as an individual. Be true to yourself and allow your personality to shine through.

The most traditional, yet still necessary and relevant, ways to implement your self-brand is through resumes, cover letters and business cards. It is important that all components maintain the same look, feel and design to create a visual and coherent brand that resonates with others. Upon first glance, potential employers, colleagues and peers will understand that these components are apart of one collective package. This visual coherence will help separate you from others who have not put the necessary thought into these items while compiling them.

When creating your professional brand, social media is another important element to take into consideration. It is essential to make your multiple accounts across a variety of platforms integrate with one another.  The simplest way to do this is to make all of your handles and profile pictures the same. This will make your accounts easily recognizable across each form of social media and help you gain more views and followers.

Additionally, you must take messaging into consideration. Prior to posting, ask yourself the following questions. Will your pages follow a specific theme? How do your posts relate to your industry? Do your personal opinions and beliefs help other professionals within your field connect with you? Most importantly, do your posts demonstrate your expertise? Always think through your posts and ensure that they align from account to account. Contradicting yourself will not look good to anyone viewing your pages.

Overall, authenticity is critical. One does not want to over brand so much that they hide their true self. Let your personality shine through as this is what allows you to ultimately connect with others. You already have the foundation of your personal brand—it is made up of your personality, your interests and your experiences. By adding some coherency you are able to unify your brand and increase your visibility.

By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group