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Innovators Must Continue to Innovate

The moment an innovator ceases to innovate, they let their competition, naysayers and their own personal doubts win. They lose a piece of themselves – personally and professionally.

Being an innovator is not easy. Not only does it take immense motivation and strong will, but it comes with a range of challenges. Obstacles will often arise – sometimes ideas stolen – but it is core to a true innovator to persevere and continue to make strides.

There is a difference between possessing innovative qualities and being an innovator. Many individuals are innovative and this should be nourished and embellished, but far fewer are innovators. An innovator must stick their neck out nearly every time a concept is released. They also must have a combination of entrepreneurial abilities, leadership and pragmatic business skills to unveil a concept properly – to avoid it being chopped down before it can grow.

While being an innovator comes naturally to some, it can still be difficult to continue to consistently and strategically fight to bring a concept to life. Innovators must remember that losing a battle is not losing the war. The loss is temporary, unless one lets their loss end the war.


By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group