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Why I Like Getting Homework

This morning a colleague and a former professor shared two articles with me – one from the New York Times and one from the Washington Post. Last night, I received two “must reads” in my inbox as well. Despite my busy schedule, I took a minute to read each story.

Whenever someone sends me an article, I always give it a read as there is a reason why someone thought to share it with me. It is not only important to stay up to date on developments and current events, but it is exponentially more important when someone shares unsolicited. Whenever this happens, it means that one of my friends, colleagues or even former professors is thinking of me. It shows that they care about my interests and success, and that they are trying to help me.

So, next time an article appears in your inbox be sure to give it a worthwhile read. Thank the sender for this bit of extra homework and pay special attention to it. While you never know what knowledge you will gain or what ideas might be sparked, you do know that the person who sent you the article is rooting for you and wants to see you accomplish your business goals.

By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair, Founder, The Anthem Group