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Bringing Groups Together in a City

Anthem loves to give back to the community. While Anthem continues to have strong relationships with a variety of tremendous community groups and organizations, one of our favorite ways to reach a broad audience is through activation of public space.

Transforming public space via activation has a prodigious impact on the community at-large. Underutilized space might act as a great cut through on your morning walk, but it does not provide any true function or benefit. Why can’t the drab cut through that shaves two minutes off of your walk be full of life?

In fact, these places are often dangerous or crime ridden after dusk. Through the development of public amenities and the creation of public programming, these areas become vibrant and safe gathering hubs for residents and tourists alike. These spaces provide a platform for entertainment, hospitality, community engagement, and can become a common ground for residents, tourists and community groups to intersect. This can lead to tremendous economic impact, significant global tourism, and true cultural importance which all bolsters community pride.
Anthem has successfully turned an underutilized public space into a lively community center on the famous Esplanade in Boston’s Back Bay. Turning a once dilapidated concession stand into a full-service restaurant, Anthem overhauled hospitality and created and executed robust free public programming. The glowing remarks we received from local residents and tourists show how much activation matters to a neighborhood.

Anthem strives to utilize its expertise to transform public space through place making and free public programming for all, and we are excited to see what projects the team’s collective passion leads us to next!

By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group