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The Importance of a Strong Company Culture

Successful companies treat their team members like family.

In late October, the Anthem team traveled to Portland, Maine, to coordinate all event logistics for Northern New England’s premier food and wine festival, Harvest on Harbor. While months of planning went into Harvest on the Harbor, executing the festival itself involved living out of multiple hotel rooms for eight days and long hours – starting at dawn and ending past midnight.

Anthem’s President, Chris Sinclair arrived in Maine with a mystery box filled with an abundance of delicious treats for us to indulge in throughout the week. Chris had taken the team’s favorite foods and tastes into account. There were fruits and vegetables for the health nuts of the group and snacks and Halloween candy for those of us with a sweet tooth. As we collected our most prized goodies out of the box to bring back to our designated rooms, we found comfort in our week-long hotel stay. It felt a little more like home than it had prior to Chris’ arrival.

Working events is thrilling and exciting. All of us at Anthem Treats from Chris Sinclairgreatly enjoy our line of work. Yet, it can be stressful and tiring at times. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be surround by colleagues who have positive attitudes and behaviors – people who often share similar values.

A strong company culture provides cohesion among colleagues. At Anthem, we often dine together, go on fun after-work excursions together, and run work-related errands together. While we work together, we are friends who often act as a family. This builds a bond that grows and strengthens our shared values. This strong bond drives us towards being successful, making us one of the hardest working teams around!


By Emily Goldberg, Program Coordinator, The Anthem Group
By Emily Goldberg, Program Coordinator, The Anthem Group