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Hats off to Boston Calling

Large-scale events and large-scale thinking bring a variety of good to  a community, city and overall region. It is not easy to set the stage,  but those who do, pave the way for others with equally big ideas.

Since its creation, Boston Calling has been one of the most talked about productions in Boston for a reason. Boston Calling is the pioneer of a new breed of large-scale events in the City of Boston and the entire region. It is a well-produced concert that is executed with perfection, from both a business and attendee perspective. This is a rare combination that is always attempted but not always successful.

It has been great to see the hard work that the Crashline team has put into the festival to bring it to fruition. Whether attendees realize it or not, Boston Calling has set the precedent. Where others have  fallen short, it has opened doors for a wide range of concepts.

This great urban music festival provides local residents and visitors with entertainment for a good value. The talent is top-notch, as is the overall concertgoer’s experience.

I admire Boston Calling as someone who has attended the event, as well as a large-scale event coordinator. It is a successful business model that brings large-scale thinking to life, something that benefits all cities.


By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group