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Grand Visions Involve Risk Taking

To accomplish any big dream involves taking risks, courage, time and investment.

Leaders are entrepreneurial minded and understand that there is more to be created than what exists. They want to, and will strive to go above and beyond “the norm” or bring average properties and projects to a level of greatness.

Leaders must be able to express this vision in a way that motivates others to execute their dream – this is where leadership and communication is crucial. Leaders must explain the thought process behind taking calculated risks so that those given the responsibility to execute must understand that certain risks are necessary and should not be afraid to fail, as often times the biggest risk has the largest reward.

There are also external factors the entrepreneur must face. This takes the power of persuasion as well as investment in time and effort to overcome a ton of hurdles to jump or knock over in order for the vision to ever come to fruition. Those who strive for the status quo and do not take risks will not have as significant of an impact.

Most people do not understand what it takes to execute a vision from start to finish. It involves living and breathing your vision, the ability to make other people see you vision, and the courage to take on risks.

By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group