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The Greenway Embodies Innovation in the City of Boston

It is no doubt that The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway has been teeming with life every summer weekday evening lately. Through my observation, young and excited professionals, families, residents and visitors alike do not only stroll through this park, but they fully engage with the space.

The Greenway is a model for all urban parks as it’s beautifully landscaped and tended to parcels in the middle of the city hub-bub have become an iconic part of Boston – culturally and socially. The Greenway has succeeded in areas that many doubters, unable to see the vision, did not believe possible.

The Greenway masterfully manages gorgeous gardens and well kept grounds while providing the public with a progressive, robust programming and entertainment schedule. The natural separation of the parcels allows for both passive and active recreation.

The current installment of Janet Echelman’s monumental aerial sculpture shouts innovation from rooftops interacting beautifully with the park below. Passerby’s look up in awe while others stop to photograph. Some lay in the luscious green grass on their backs taking in the view. Another parcel showcases local artists with exhibits displayed throughout for patrons to appreciate. Every Thursday Boston Calling Block Parties complete the after-work young professional social hour with a live band, beer, and cornhole sets.

This could not be the park that it is today without Executive Director, Jesse Brackenbury, the City of Boston and its tremendous private partners. I applaud the Greenway for exemplifying what all parks should be – a vibrant public space where nature, community programming, and tourism can beautifully come together.


By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group