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Not Enough of us Pay Attention to Detail, but Why?

For a vision to succeed you not only need a solid framework and foundation to build upon, but every detail to fill in this vision must be methodically considered and properly executed. It’s the details that are critical to the success of the project as they are what bring quality, vibrancy and power to a property.

While this might sound simple, it is not. Minute details that have the ability to make an average property into a brilliant one are often overlooked in the follow through and execution – even by some of the most intelligent forward thinkers.

By paying attention to every detail paired with proper follow through and execution, I have grown a specialized events firm into a multi-industry enterprise.

The most recent example is our overhaul and renovation of the Charles River Bistro on the Boston Esplanade. After putting a quarter of a million dollars into the building, Anthem transformed a dilapidated concession stand that patrons once avoided into a focal point of hospitality and popular gathering spot within the park.

Each aspect of the renovation was intentional to seamlessly integrate the building into the aesthetic of the park. The exterior color is painted to match the Boston University boathouse, while the wood is stained with the same finish as the Hatch Shell inner dome.  Additionally, the handcrafted counters are made from the same indigenous granite as the Esplanade bridges that patrons utilize daily.

With the iconic Hatch Shell comes a unique and old history of musical entertainment on the Esplanade. To showcase this, Anthem spearheaded music programming at The Bistro with free music lessons, a free public piano for the community to play whenever they please, as well as live jazz and soul brunches on the weekends.

The now frequented Bistro demonstrates the importance of detail. While the patrons may not recognize the continuity in color schemes throughout the park, they subconsciously recognize the quality and value it adds to the space, and are more likely to visit The Bistro and participate in it’s programming.

It is evident that success lies within the details in all that we do. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a park patron, by focusing on the details you will realize the importance of quality.

By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group