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Strive for Greatness

One should strive for greatness – don’t let others define your expectations. How many times have you heard people say “there’s always someone better than you”, or “what makes you think you can do this?” There are dozens of quotes that all amount to the same thing – someone is always better, temper your thoughts, there is a reason why you didn’t succeed, lower that vision. Your business, organization, initiative or concept will never be the best because there is someone better.

These people are saying, “don’t be stupid, people like us don’t achieve these things – there are people who are smarter, better, faster, stronger.” On the contrary, there are those who think big. They think that if someone has to be the best, why can’t they be?

The term “best” is defined differently depending on the context. If we are referring to the 100 meters, then the first one to the finish line is clearly the best. Most things are more subjective, but there is still an elite group in any endeavor, whether it be business, music, theater, art, or sports.

Those who have the courage to believe in themselves, have the drive to be the best and assume risk in a multitude of ways, are those who achieve greatness. Not everyone can be the best, but those who never try will never know. They will never achieve greatness and they will never feel the unique feeling of striving and competing at a high level – regardless of the venture or activity.