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Talent – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

 It seems that being gifted and talented would make for an easier life, allowing one to choose from a variety of opportunities – ones that are often times more lucrative. While talent can lead one to a corporate job that pays a six-figure annual salary, this person might be happier working outdoors or as an artist. The idea that opportunity leads to happiness is a common misconception. Only choosing the opportunities that align with one’s passions lead to happiness.

As talented individuals grow, so do the expectations for them to succeed. These people are constantly told that they are gifted and that one day they will do great things. While these individuals have the ability to go above and beyond – such as founding a company or inventing a new product – these types of accomplishments may not fit their passions and desires.

Talented individuals find themselves facing a variety of opportunities and career choices, making decisions more complicated. It may seem like talent presents obstacles, but they force one to think about themselves, what they love to do, and how to achieve happiness.

Those with an aptitude for success will find a way to follow their interests and turn them into fulfilling opportunities. Talent is the gift that keeps on giving.

By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group