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Never Stop Harnessing Creativity

Creativity is a tool for success, and inspiration is all around for those of us whom are driven to find it.

By nature and necessity, I am constantly thinking of new ways to propel Anthem into the future. Entrepreneurs must be able to see the potential in every moment to find inspiration if they wish to bring their dreams into reality. I have been struck by inspiration for my company everywhere from my morning workout routine, to the depths of my dreams. When inspiration does strike I always have a piece of paper or phone nearby so that I can make a note or reach out to others – starting the process of turning my event, marketing and brand tactic thoughts into executable ideas.

Creative thinking is not always strictly a solitary process. I believe in collaborative creativity and formalized brainstorming. Often times, creative ideas are born as the result of a conversation with a team member. Brainstorming ideas triggers a thought and then that idea is built up as a team. The collaborative process has provided Anthem with the key to success.

Creativity is a constant and there are a number of ways to harness it. Just remember to never turn it off.

By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group
By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group