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New Year’s Resolutions of a Successful Leader – None!

An entrepreneur doesn’t need to wait until January 1st to set goals.

Believe it or not, I rarely, if ever have a New Year’s resolution. While I believe they can be powerful motivators for others – I don’t believe in the changing of the calendar to take action. It is true, I do feel the refreshment of a new year – a new beginning but I use that feeling as motivation to continue on goals and progress, just not necessarily to start them. If I have resolution or a goal to achieve, I take steps towards it immediately. The goal is to be consistent and constantly improving no matter what time of year, for both personal and business goals. You will never reach your highest level of success if you aren’t constantly improving. Take fitness for example, I never set fitness goals for the year – the goal is to keep exercising regularly to establish a pattern leading to weight loss, toning or that marathon you’ve set out to run.

I have set some clearly defined goals for 2015. I wish to expand on The Anthem Group’s public programming, most notably launching Winter’s Landing – one of the most unique winter activation platforms in the world. The City of Boston and its residents would benefit greatly from its execution and annual presence. However, this vision has taken and will continue to take consistent and constant effort.

I encourage you to set specific and measurable business goals today and stick with them; you don’t need the New Year as an excuse.

By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group