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Anthem Production provides diverse, imaginative & unparalleled events for corporate clients and patrons alike. With over a decade of experience and an international reach, we’ll provide strategic and creative direction, spearhead logistics, secure talent, and fulfill all your on-site and post-event needs.

Event Scope

Channel your company’s goals into a night to remember, no matter the scale.


Ensure your next event runs smoothly with our in-house operations.


Boost your brand’s visibility, awareness, and customer loyalty with Anthem.


We specialize in set design, image mapping, photography, graphics, and more.

Words from our Clients
In my nearly 30 years in business, I have never encountered a more organized, proficient and effective event group. I not only trust Anthem will all of our event and meeting planning, but also with my own company’s reputation with our clients. Anthem is simply world-class.

Kevin Hanson, President & CEO – The Ashton Group

Thank you to Anthem for your meticulous planning, expertise, generosity, professionalism, and attention to detail. The quality of planning and execution was among the best I have ever experienced.

Jennifer Bowman, Senior Development Officer – Easterseals

The expertise and diverse knowledge base that Anthem offers to its clients has kept me coming back time and time again.

Ellen Rosenberg, Vice President – The Goldenberg Group

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